The International Brittany

An American Brittany Club Regional Classic,
sponsored by the Tri State Brittany Championship Association



2006 International Open All-Age Championship & Amateur All-Age Classic Results

The Tri-State Brittany Bird Dog Club held the International Brittany Open and Amateur All-Age Championships and Classics at the Mingo Sportsman Club grounds in Bloomingdale, OH. This years events started on March 25, 2006 and ended on March 28, 2006. This is the second year for this Championship and this is the first year as an AKC Classic. If you have never been here before, you better believe that these are absolutely incredible All-Age Grounds!

The Trial is run by the Tri-State Brittany Club, with help from the members of the Mingo Sportsman Club. They really went out of their way to put on a top notch event!

The grounds proved to be really challenging, even for the biggest running dogs. They were hoping for a larger entry, but due to Ben Lorenson's truck breakdown, they lost 8 open and 5 amateur entries. More people should check out this venue next year, the Tri-State Brittany Club is also thinking about adding a Shooting Dog CH/Classic in conjunction with the All-Age events.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who helped make this a Successful and Fun field trial. (LP)

International Brittany American Field All-Age Championship - 21 Entries

Champion KT's Artic Gladiator O/H Dennis McClary
Runner Up Linvels Ace of Diamonds O-Paul Pollack H-Tom Tracy

International Brittany AFTCA All-Age Championship - 24 Entries

Champion Clyde's Micro Breeze H-Lisa Podraza O-Lisa Podraza/Paul Pollock
Runner Up Holliewood Bruiser O/H-Robert Szymanek

International Brittany Open ABC All-Age Classic

1st Place FC/AFC Kt's Artic Gladiator O/H Dennis McClary
2nd Place Linvels Ace of Diamonds O-Paul Pollack H-Tom Tracy
3rd Place Dakota Alley Cat O-Bo Ackerman H-Tom Tracy
4th Place Withheld

International Brittany Amateur ABC All-Age Classic

1st Place FC Clyde's Micro Breeze H-Lisa Podraza O- Podraza/ Pollock
2nd Place Holliewood Bruiser O/H-Robert Szymanek
3rd Place Holliewood Magic Man O/H-Robert Szymanek
4th Place NFC/FC/AFC Diamond Hill Dan O/H-Paul Pollock

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