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2014  International Brittany Classics

ABC International Grand Champion Open All Age Classic
Right to left:  Gene Stewart with Winner Uncle Kracker, Tom Tracy with R/U Jagoub’s Buzz’N Bayou,
and Bodie Ryan Cline Appleton with Fat Bastard

The American Brittany Club International Brittany Classics moved back to Ohio this year.  The series of  ABC Regional Classics were held in conjunction with the PA Shooting Dog Classic, and the Buckeye, Ohio and Kentucky Brittany club trials in late March.  The cluster of events began at the Tri Valley field trial grounds in Dresden, OH and finished up at the Mingo Sportsman club in Bloomingdale, OH.  All of this year’s stakes were run as Grand Champion limited stakes.

In a year that saw numerous cancellations, postponements, and delays due to the weather, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have completed all stakes with great entries.  We saw every type of weather imaginable; the good, the bad, and the ugly!

There are many people to thank for their efforts to put this trial on.  At the top of the list is our sponsor.  Purina has always been there with their generous donation of dog food for our winners.  We’d like to thank the Ohio Brittany Club for allowing us to run our Amateur All Age Championship as part of their trial in Dresden.  Members of the PA Brittany Championship Association and Kentucky Brittany Club were on hand to help with the running of the trial at Mingo.  The Mingo Sportsman Club offered an excellent venue to run dogs.  We’d like to thank Bill Monk and the members at Mingo who worked so hard and made us feel welcome.  Plans are already in the works for next year’s events.

Ohio Brittany Club Grand Champion Amateur Limited All Age Stake winners:
Chancey’s Frozen Asset with Bo Ackerman, Judge Tony Giovinale, Troy Hoverter with Maximum Overdrive,
Judge Wade Haines, Lisa Pollock with Diamond Hill Deuce’s Gone Wild, John Perry with Marjo’s Leftover.

Judges this year’s for the Amateur All Age Championship were Wade Haines and Tony Giovinale.  Fifteen dogs went to the line for these 2 respected judges.  We’d like to thank them for looking at our dogs in some brutally cold and windy conditions. 

This year’s Amateur Champion was Chancey’s Frozen Asset, owned by Jack and Crystal Alexander, and handled by Jack.  Maggie put on a strong performance that was hard to beat.  Missing shortly after breakaway, she was found standing to the front after her absence.  She finished the hour strong.  Runner up was Maximum Overdrive II, owned and handled by Troy Hoverter.  Max had 2 well spaced finds and showed well at the finish.  Third place honors went to Diamond Hill Deuces Gone Wild, owned by Paul and Lisa Pollock, handled by Lisa.  Forth place went to Marjo’s Leftover, owned by Danielle Perry and handled by John Perry.

ABC International Grand Champion Gun Dog Classic – Ron Zook Memorial
Tom Tracy with Dakota Gun Runner’s Buckshot, Val Weaver with Touch of Bourbon Little Chug, Bob Burchett,
Bode Ryan Cline Appleton with Chesterfield’s Molly, Lisa Pollock with Diamond Hill She’s Gone

After the Ohio Brittany Club weekend trial, we moved to the Mingo Sportsman Club to complete the series.  Monday morning was bitter cold, but the temperatures warmed up quickly.  Judges for the ABC International Shooting Dog Classic were Cliff Mesnard and Ted Goodyear.  Twenty-eight contenders went to the line.  This year’s Champion was Dakota Gun Runner’s Buckshot.  Buck is owned by Jim Berkowitz of Georgia and handled by Tom Tracy Jr.  Runner up was Touch of Bourbon Little Chug.  Coming off his win in last weeks PA Shooting Dog Championship, Carson is off to a great start for owner Tom Wonderling and handler Bob Burchett.  Third place went to Chesterfield’s Molly, owned by Bo Ackerman and handled by Tom Tracy Jr.  Diamond Hill She’s Gone, owned by Paul and Lisa Pollock and handled by Lisa rounded out the field in forth place.  On a side note, I believe that “Carson’s” win in the PA Classic and Runner up in the International Classic finished him as one of the first Brittany Grand Field Champions.  Congratulations to the Wonderlings! 
I’d like to thank Helen Riggle enduring the not so pleasant weather conditions to give us a full report of this stake.

Brace 1: Rico’s Hi Proof Bootlegger, “Mason”- Burchett & Dakota Gun Runner’s Buckshot, “Buck”- Tracy
This was the brace to be in attendance for.  Both dogs took off the line like rocket ships on the highest octane fuel.  At 7 minutes, Mason was seemingly out of pocket as he swung high and to the left of the of the course as he hunted the first available wood line with glee. He was rounded up and pointed forward, catching the front at 15, maintaining a fast forward race the rest of his time on the ground.  At 18 Mason had his first bird which he pointed and held with high style, taking a small step to mark the bird.  A second find at 33 resulted in a small hop and he came unglued on the third at 47 when he succumbed to temptation and chased the bird up at the shot.  Meanwhile Buck was putting on a show.  His fast forward race kept the judges attention with his big run and zest for the fun.  He had his first bird at 7, and a second at 33, finishing his hour as strong, if not stronger then when he started.

Brace 2:  Touch of Bourbon Little Chug, “Carson”- Burchett & Whiskey’s Little Tip, “Tip”-Johnson

Carson and Tip kept the judges attention from the get go.  With a fast paced run, both dogs took the front early and set the pace at a good clip.  This was a fun brace to witness, however, Tip gave the limelight to Carson by getting gone on deer at 10, returning to the front and judgment at 35, but he was birdless for the entire hour.  Carson held a forward race, had his first bird at 35 taking small step at the flush.  His second bird at 46 was held with perfect manners and he finished his hour going strong and away to the front.

Brace 3: Ricochet Gunsmokes Mr. Dillon, “Dillon”-Burchett &  Shady’s Wolf River Chickasaw, “Chick”- Johnson

Both dogs hunted hard off the line. Dillon would have a find at 43 but was picked up at 47 for a failure to back his bracemate.  Chick went straight to work which resulted in a non productive at 18, a find at 43 and again at 47.  She would end her brace early at 51 with a bump to flush.

Brace 4: High Hopes Dark Nite, “Joe”-Johnson & Agustus of Tiger, “Gus” – Tracy

Joe and Gus showed the judges that run was and could be fun. Unfortunately for Gus his bog forward race would be just that, a race and he would go birdless for his entire hour.  Joey on the other hand, had a nice find at 18 that resulted in a hawk kill, another find at 51 that proved to be a pair of dead birds who had succumbed to the cold and weather and was picked up at 58 by his handler who knew he would not be in the money on this day.

Brace 5:  Wild Mtn’s Midnight Rendezvous  “Josey”-Burchett & Jazz’s Sweetest Little Secret “Karo”- Johnson

Both dogs had a good start, hitting the trail in pure hunting mode.  Josey’s range was shorter then Karo’s but both dogs went straight to work.  At 36 Josey was picked up for a bump to flush and Karo would continue on the course alone. At 18 she had a nice find that resulted in a self release to relocate the bird which knocked the rest of her nice ground game performance out of contention.

Brace 6: Lost Creek cast A Shadow, “Cooper”-Burchett & TLM Tall Tale, “Sam”- Tracy

Not much to say about these two.  Copper was picked up at 18 and Sam was picked up at 7 for lack of manners on their birds.  It was a short brace.

Brace 7:  Sniksoh Sally, “Sally”-Burchett & Diamond Hill Deuce’s Gone Wild, “Cooter”-Pollock

These two dogs took off the starting line on a mission.  Cooter would take an early lead, getting out of pocket by taking a wide swing to the South, covering ground and hunting hard.  He was seen at 12 coming up the first wood line by the judges and this reporter, charging hard to the front .  He maintained his hard charge for 44 minutes when the handler elected to pick him for his non participation in the teamwork department.  Sally on the other hand hunted nicely, covering ground, staying forward and showing how seasoned she was at the game.  She had her first bird at 20, a dead find at 28, and at 44 took the reins and scooped a bird to bring to  her handler for a lovely retrieve.

Brace 8: Chesterfield’s Molly “Molly”-Tracy & Legacy’s Time Bandit “Bandit”-Johnson

A hard launch off the break away took these two out and running in short order.  Molly kept her forward race although she would give her handler a pretty good stretch on that handle with one piece of solid birdwork at 41 minutes to show for her efforts.  She hunted hard and kept everyone perched high in the saddle to watch her performance.  Bandit, too kept a nice forward race with his first point called at 8 minutes in a hawk kill.  At 33 his point and subsequent relocation resulted in a Non Productive, and the handler elected to pick him up.

Brace 9: Harper’s Windy City Harley Quinn “Harley”-Burchett & Diamond Hill She’s Gone  “Cleo”-Pollock

Cleo would give the judges a very pretty performance on the ground, maintaining a forward ground game showing not only her bid ability but also her high style on her one find at 9 minutes.  With lots of go juice left at the end of her hour, she kept a nice consistent pace all the way around the course.  Harley on the other hand kept pace with Cleo, showing a pretty forward race, lots of power for the hour but he would ultimately go birdless.

Brace 10: Blazin Shadows Bama Jama  “Jammie”-Burchett & Roustabout’s Nes Quick “Nestle”-Tracy

Not a brace that merited much notation.  Both dogs had the best of intentions at the break away, taking off with purpose, however Jammie was not up to her usual snappy performance and was picked up at 20 minutes.  Nestle too would fail to give us much to watch until the bird at 20 that was too much to resist.

Brace 11: Starlight’s Billion Times Brighter, “Billie”-Burchett & Lost Creek Streak, “Streak”-Tracy

Another quick brace.  Billie had a failure to launch, with a dead bird find at 9, and was picked up at 15.  Streak took off the line hard but ripped a small covey at 10 and was ordered up.

Brace 12: TNT’s Blazin Shoshoni Shake N’ Bake, “Bubba”-Thomas & Hi Hope’s Big Gamble, “Riley”-Johnson

Bubba and Riley took off the start with gusto.  Riley gained steam taking the front early and keeping it.  He had a find at 8, again at 20, & a third at 41 with a hard mark to flight on this last one.  He scorched the course and showed everyone what a championship ground game can look like.  Bubba had a bird at 8, handling it well with his style and manner in order.  He was picked up at 42 when he ran out of gas.

Brace 13: Wrigley’s Bodemeister, “Bode”-Burchett & Corredor Dorado, “Dexter”-Tracy

After a powerful launch from the break away, these two dogs settled in to hunt.  Bode charged hard, slamming point at 8 on aw feather pile.  He was released where he took his head again but at 20 was picked up for jumping in and putting the bird in the air.  Dexter sailed the course, staying well to the front .  As we reached the big pond, he had slipped out of handle and needed to be scouted up.  Upon his return it was evident that his ears had fallen off and the handler elected to pick the boy up and try again another day.

Brace 14:  Wild Mtn Head Em Up-Move Em Out, “Rowdy”-Burchett & Wild Mtn’s All That, “Tucker”- Riggle

These two Liver boys went head to head from the get go. A couple of Screamin Demons, swapping the front between them in a head race which didn’t last but 28 minutes when neither of them remembered their bird manners.

The Open All Age Classic followed under the jurisdiction of Jim Wallace and Chris Youngs.  These two men gave their complete attention to the 22 entries, once again, under some very unpleasant weather conditions.  Snow flurries on the second morning turned to a white out in the middle of the first brace.  After a 3 hour wait, the sun came out and by day’s end you would never have know it snowed!  Welcome to Ohio in March!

This year’s Champion was Uncle Kracker, owned by Bo Ackerman and handled by Tom Tracy, Jr.  Tracy also handled the Runner up, Jagoub’s Buzz’N Bayou, owned by Tom and Debra Jagielski.  Third place went to Kinwashkly Fat Bastard, owned by Bo Ackerman and Leslie Andreas and handled by Tracy.  Bob Burchett handled forth place finisher Crescent City Girl for owners Barry ad Petra Steinmetz.

We’d once again like to thank all that made these events possible and hope to see everyone back next year!

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